Brittany Parr

Brittany is a dedicated Paramedic and Paramedic Superintendent committed to providing life-saving and supportive care to her community.
With a passion for helping others and supporting mental health initiatives, specifically for other emergency first responders, Brittany joined the Ottawa First Responder Foundation in 2021.

From an early age, Brittany felt a deep sense of purpose in supporting others in need, which lead her to pursue a career in healthcare and healthcare quality.  She completed her Primary Care Paramedic diploma at Centennial College in 2006, and later, her Advanced Care Paramedic certificate at Algonquin College in Ottawa. She holds a certificate in Business Management as well as Certificate in Healthcare Quality and is actively pursuing her degree in Health Sciences.

Throughout her career, Brittany has served in both rural and urban communities which has taught her the value of adaptability, resilience, professionalism, and effective communication. Brittany has been working most recently as a Paramedic Superintendent & continues to support her peers through her service Peer Support Program, Diversity Champion Program, and Recruitment Ambassador Program.

One of Brittany’s core principles guiding her practice and career is the importance of compassionate care; In addition to managing medical and emergency situations, Brittany believes that active listening and continued empathy can be equally vital in assisting both patients, and other emergency first responders during times of difficulty.

Brittany finds purpose and fulfillment serving her community through her work as a paramedic as well as volunteering as a Board of Director on the Ottawa First Responder Foundation where she actively engages with applicants to the Foundation while serving on the Clinician Working Group and manages fundraising opportunities through Bingoland Gaming Charities.

Her commitment to delivering exceptional care and compassion while making a positive impact on the lives of other emergency responders and members of the public continues to drive her to continued mental health education, advocacy and supportive roles.